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Message for foreign partners

Thank you for visiting our website.
We will explain for IY Railroad Consulting idea.

The one of the reason why I launch such a project as a part of my business is involved in “Asia Pacific Rail 2019 in HongKong” which was held in last March. Over 2000 attendees from not only Asia but all over the world has discussed actively each other regarding the latest rail technology including Maas and Smart Station and the leading rail solution providers showcase there.

On the other hand, even though Japan is said to be one of the “Rail” powers, there are seldom conferences or seminars in Japan with a focus on rail. So we are wondering that all of the persons who related with rail field, consultants, professors and candidates is required to exchange their opinions more and more for the future to revitalize our industry.

We believe it will be influenced day by day, and this PJ is not only in Japan but also overseas.
So we would like to discuss how to improve rail industry as a partner.
My project has been just started, and we appreciate your continuous support.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via this CONTACT form.

Thank you!